Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome to RG Real Talk Fitness and Wellness

I am ecstatic about having a platform where you can engage in “real” conversations, where you will be provided with support and resources as well as sound guidance on fitness and wellness topics.   This platform is for both employees struggling to get healthy while at work and human resources and corporate wellness professionals who are seeking solutions to change the workplace culture to a healthy one. This is a forum to hear your ideas, to share your concerns, and to possibly get those lingering questions answered.

There will be an array of fitness and wellness topics that I hope will peak your interest.  You will see topics and videos on desk exercises that you can incorporate while at work, stress management techniques to help you relax during those stressed out moments, healthy eating strategies for the workplace, ideas to spark a little physical activity competition in the workplace,  and so much more.

If you are ready to make a change to become a healthier you or have a healthier workplace, I am here for you.  Even if you are simply thinking about it, let’s talk about it.  You will find that there are small steps you can take that can lead to healthier results. 

I have taken this journey also.  As someone who has worked since the age 16 and I am 50+, I truly understand the challenges of trying to balance work and health.  But together, we can do it because you are not alone.  You have a support system that will inspire you, engage you and push you to see that health has to be a priority among all of your other work priorities.

I look forward to the many lives that may be touched through this forum, and I look forward to hearing about the many success stories in the future.

Have a healthy day on purpose, and let’s talk soon.

Lady RG

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